Appetizer - (To share)...

Caribbean Coconut Shrimp  6pz

Prepared at the moment, fresh avocado mixed with sweet onion, tomato, cilantro topped of with pumpkin seeds.

Jumbo shrimp deep fried in a shredded coconut, dark beer batter, served with an homemade orange  marmalade.

Salsa Wheel

Traditional and authentic, only  at Carboncitos our 5  sauce wheel,  burnt Habanero garlic sauce,  Chipotle, Green Tomato, Pico de Gallo and  Pumpkin Seed  sauce.

Sizzling Shrimp or Calamari  (Jumbo Shrimp)

Calamari or Shrimp simmering in olive oil, garlic, chile guajillo, dash of white wine.

Melted Cheese

Sinfully delicious melted manchego cheese served with soft warm tortillas. Add sausage or mushroom    $35


Tortilla Soup

Tortilla filled with melted manchego cheese, served with guacamole. Add shrimp $50 or chicken $40

A classic Mexican soup, filled with crispy tortilla strips. Served with avocado, pasilla peppers, fresh cheese and cream.

Soup of the House
Fish, Octupus, Shrimp or MixED Ceviche

Traditionally prepared with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, onion, dash of olive oil, served with avocado and tortilla chips.

Home made soup, with shredded chicken, rice and cheese. Served with onion, cilantro and habanero pepper on the side.

 This recipe has been passed down for generations

Fried Calamari

6.4 oz fried calamari served with a  chipotle mayonnaise

Avocado  stuffed with ceviche

Ceviche filled avocado halves  stuffed with shrimp,fish, onion, seasoned with lemon juice, salt  and a touch of mango.

Cuitlacoche Quesadilla

The black god of Mexican food , unique and exquisite only for the most discerning palates. Mexican Truffle and melted manchego cheese served in a tortilla.

Jalapeños stuffed with shrimp

6 jalapeños breaded stuffed with fresh shrimp then  lightly fried , served with a chipotle mayonnaise


Traditional Mayan Cuisine of the Yucatan, a blend of delicious flavors  you will never forgot.

Real taste of Mexico

Chicken Enchiladas (Red, Green or Mole)
Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken stuffed with pork, cooked in a black  burnt  chile  sauce with onions, garlic, tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Served with mexican rice, chaya and tortillas.

Corn tortilla stuffed with shredded chicken  topped of with :

Red: Delicious sauce of select tomatoes

Green: A unique sauce made with green tomatoes .

Mole: Another  unique flavor from Puebla  made with chile and chocolate.

*Served with rice and refried beans

Cochinita Pibil (Regional dish)

Pork marinated in sour orange, achiote paste, herbs, wrapped in banana leaves, cooked slowly in an oven . Served with fried platanos and chaya.

Burrito (Arrachera Steak,  Chicken, Pork  or Mixed)
Tikin XIC ( fresh fish)

Marinated in sour orange juice, achiote paste, aromatics herbs, white wine and olive oil, baked in banana  leaves. Served with mexican rice.

Flour tortilla stuffed with rice, refried beans and grilled meat  of  your choice. Served with salad.

Add cream and cheese        $40

Stuffed Pablano Pepper  (meat or cheese)
Mayan Platter for Two

An excellent way to try all,  Cochinita Pibil,  Relleno Negro and Tikin- Xic, all in one single dish.

Served  with beans, rice, fried platanos and chaya.

Poblano pepper stuffed with seasoned  chop meat or  manchego cheese cooked on  a charcoal grill, topped of with  salsa ranchera (tomato suace)  and  a touch of cream. Served with mexican rice & beans

Chile Güero (Carboncitos Special)

2pz. Güero chile stuffed with fresh crabmeat, in a red sauce. Served with refried beans & mexican rice


A mexican delicacy chicken breast stuffed with huitliacoche (mexican truffle), a delicious exotic flavor

Mexican  Platter for two

An exotic  mix of flavors Stuffed Poblano Pepper, Burrito and Enchilada served with guacamole, beans and rice.


TACOS.., build your own taco and enjoy…


Choice of grilled meat, served with beans, guacamole and corn tortillas


Steak , Chicken or Shrimp  sautÉed with peppers, white onions and smoked bacon. Served with guacamole, charro beans and corn tortillas.

PORK Fajita

Marinated  pork with, onion, parsley, and pineaple

Chicken Fajita

Sautéed tender chicken strips, fresh vegetables and bacon

Mixta Fajita

Mild combination of  sautéed flank steak and chicken with vegetables and bacon

Tender strips of charcoal roasted chicken breast.

Arrachera steak fajita 

Juicy strips of sautéed flank steak with vegetables and bacon


In a dark beer batter

Shrimp Fajita

Seasoned shrimp, sautéed with bell peppers, onion and bacon

Surf and Turf Fajita

In a dark beer batter

A deliciuos combination of sautéed shrimp and flank steak with red and green pepper, onion and bacon

Carbon for share - Mix
Arrachera steak

Grilled marinated skirt steak

Ideal for sharing, a mixture of charcoal grilled meats, flank steak, shrimp, chicken, chorizo, and pastor. Served with vegetables, guacamole, beans and corn tortillas


Grilled with garlic, onion, chili guajillo , lemon and a touch of white wine


Meat +cheese +cactus


Grilled pork and beef

Carboncito style

Pork, bacon and cheese


Three cheese PENNE
 Filet Mignon  prepared at  your table

A fusion of roquefort, parmesan and manchego cheese flambéed with brandy, a touch of white wine.

Add chicken $50  or  shrimp $70

8oz. Delicious filet mignon gently flambéed with red wine, pepper or roquefort cheese sauce.

6 Jumbo Shrimp Flambé prepared at your table …
the way you prefer

Tequila:  sautéed with olive oil, garlic, green chile and onion flambéed with tequila

Mexican devil shrimp :  sautéed in olive oil, garlic, chile guajillo, chile arbol, onion, flambéed with   tequila and touch of white wine.

Chipotle shrimp : sautéed in olive oil, garlic, onion, chile chipotle, tequila and white wine.

Lobster flambé prepared at  your table  8oz.

- DIABLA Lobster tail sautéed with garlic, olive oil, chile guajillo, onion, flambéed with tequila and white wine.


- MAYAN Lobster tail sautéed with garlic, olive oil, chile guajillo, onion, green pepper,  chaya, flambéed  with tequila and xtabentun (mayan liquor) and white wine.


Hamburger (Angus)
* Surf and Turf 200g

Get ready for the best burger in Playa.

10oz  prime chop meat charcoal grilled to perfection on  a toasted roll, served with a side of french fries.

Build your own burger.

cheese, bacon, mushroom , guacamole  (add ingredients)  $30 each.

Charcoal grilled lobster 6oz. with filet Mignon 6oz.

* All dishes served with a choice of,  Mexican style rice, fresh salad, sweet potato or charcoal grilled beet.

* Chicken Breast 7oz.

Chicken breast charcoal grilled and marinated with garlic and olive oil.

* Rib Eye 8.8oz

Juicy, tender and great flavor charcoal grilled to perfection

* Mignon  8oz.

Delicious filet mignon, charcoal grilled to perfection.

* Mixed grill for 2

Rib eye (8.8oz)+ filet mignon (8oz)  and chicken breast (7oz)

Choose two side dishes.


Main course accompanied by a choice of side dishes, Mexican-style rice, fresh salad, sweet potato or charcoal-grilled beet.

Grilled Octopus
Surf and Turf

8oz. Fresh octopus  seasoned with lemon, garlic, olive oil, accompanied by rice and grilled vegetables.

Charcoal grilled lobster tail 6oz. and filet mignon 6oz.

Fish of the day… 8.8oz
Grilled Seafood  platter  (for two)

Veracruz:  Sautéed with olive oli, garlic, onion, pepper, tomato, olives, cappers,  herbs and white wine.

Garlic mojo style:  Our own recipe, sautéed with olive,  chile, garlic slices  and white wine.


Grilled to perfection in its own natural flavor served with mash potatoes and vegetables.

SHRIMP   Alambre

6 Jumbo Shrimp sautéed with bacon, green pepper, onion and manchego cheese. Served with beans, guacamole and corn tortillas

Shrimp stuffed with lump crab meat

5 jumbo shrimp butterflied, charcol grilled, topped off with seasoned lump crab meat.


8.8 oz Charcoal grilled lobster tail cooked to perfection.  flambéed at your table     $50

Two 12oz lobster tails, 4 shrimp,  octopus, fish  and  squid


All our salads are served with dressing, if you prefer it separate, ask your waiter

Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Crisp romain lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and hearts of palm, served with sweet mustard dressing. Add grilled chicken strips

$50 or shrimp $70

Charcoal grilled pepper stuffed with onions, mushroom, carrots, beet zuchini, peppers, served in ranchera sauce (tomato) and a touch cream for decoration. Served with mexican rice

Spring salad
Vegetable  fajitas

Fresh and exquisite combination of lettuce, apple, caramelized pumpkin seeds and goat cheese. Seasoned with red wine reduction

Mix of sautéed vegetables peppers, carrots, onion, mushroom, zuchini, tomato, served with guacamole

Vegetarian Burrito

A combination of seasonal vegetables, in a tomato based sauce sautéed with olive oil, touch of white wine.

Flour tortilla stuffed with sautéed vegetables and refried beans  (tomato, carrot, onion, zucchini and mushroom) and a touch of cream. Served with fresh salad.  Add cheese $ 30

Cesar Salad for 1 or 2 person

Classic, prepared at your table, with crispy  lettuce, croutons, thin slices of parmesan cheese and cesar dressing.

Add  strips of grilled chicken breast  $50 or shrimp   $70



Bolognese, Tomato or Carbonara
Penne 3 Cheeses

Pasta of your choice, served with beef bolognese, tomato sauce or with white sauce.

Prepared table side. A fusion of Roquefort, parmesan and manchego cheese flambéed with brandy and a touch of white wine.

Add Chicken $50 / Add Shrimp $70.

Steve’s Pasta

Delicious! Shrimp sautéed with garlic, cherry tomatoes and white wine.


 …  menu available just for kids


A elección entre Salsa de Tomate o Burro.

Home made beef burger 5.3 oz, served with French fries

Fingers (Fish, Chicken or Cheese)

Tender strips of chicken or fish


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